Sometimes… knowing if the outfit you’ve chosen for someone else’s wedding is appropriate, can prove to be a difficult task. With the many unspoken rules behind wedding attire, it is essential you keep reading to find the easy way around choosing outfits minimalizing the stress. Not all wedding invitations outline a theme, and those tend to be the hardest ones to figure out.

The next question you need to ask yourself is:

- where is the wedding being held?
- In a luscious garden or beautiful countryside?
- Is it a big wedding or a small wedding with only direct family?
- Is it on the beach with a breathtaking view in the distance?


The Unspoken Rule 

This always needs to be taken into consideration when choosing an outfit. Regardless of what kind of wedding it is, never wear all whiteThis day is not about you, it is about the bride, and wearing all white is practically saying “Look at me!” and I can guarantee that won’t turn out well. An exception can be made for black and white dresses or prints on white. Also try to steer clear of  the bridesmaid colours in the same style (ie. flowy floor length dresses in their same colours), you do not want to be mistaken as part of the bridal party!

A Little Food for Thought

Before picking your outfit you need to look in the mirror and establish what body shape your figure is most compatible with, this way you can find an outfit that flatters you the most. Consider which colours work best with your skin tone and match accordingly, remembering to avoid white and potential wedding colours.

Countryside Wedding

A wedding in the countryside is telling you to relax a little, it is certainly less formal then a black tie or semi-formal event, so breath in the fresh air and picturesque views, however don’t think you don’t have to dress up at all, because you do. Picking the attire accompanying you to this rustic wedding on the country side can be hard. 9 times out of 10, it’s going to mean grass, which also rules out high heels. Unless you want to be tearing up grass with the heel of your shoe all night, I suggest you find flats to match your outfit, ensuring you a much more comfortable time. Casual, floral, A-line and Fit and Flare Dresses are just a few that would be perfect for this kind of event.

Beach Wedding

A wedding on a beach can go either way, casual to formal, generally speaking. When it comes to colour, floral is your best bet. It will ensure you avoid all clashes with the bridal party. flowing, fit & flares or brightly coloured dresses resemble the beach vibes all around. Sandals are the way to go whilst attending a beach themed wedding.

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Black-Tie / Formal Wedding 

A black-tie event is indefinitely one of the most formal events you will encounter. For women, it is customary to wear a full-length gown, however if this is not something you have in your wardrobe, a cocktail dress is also acceptable. If you do however, choose to wear a cocktail dress, ensure that it sits below the knee, anything higher and it instantly becomes slightly tacky, especially at a black-tie event. Always consider the colour in which you choose, sophisticated embellishments or slight ruching are a great way to ensure you couldn’t be mistaken for the bridal party. For Men, it is simple, despite the temperature, a black-tie event screams “Tuxedo!’ so you don’t have a choice. Wear your best cologne, stylish shoes, and prepare for a wonderful night ahead.