Crop Tops: Love them? Hate them? They are here to stay!

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Let us time travel back to the 1990s, an era when icons such as Gwen Stefani and Saved By The Bell’s Kelly Kapowski revolutionized the cropped top for girls everywhere. Showcasing that sliver of exposed skin evolved to a contagious hit; suddenly, the market experienced a surge in cropped sartorial galore. From sweaters to blouses, the cropped fit was crowned the winning trend of the season. Years passed, and the decade of neon windbreakers and tie-dye shirts faded. Presumably, it was believed that the fiery hot crop top craze would be destined to similar demise.


However, the year is now 2014, and crop tops are ruling the fashion throwback monarchy. The only “difference” isn’t much of difference at all; today, crop tops have simply received the contemporary treatment. From delicate floral prints to witty, one-liners, the modern rendition of crop tops prove to be a colorful mix of sophistication, grunge, and bohemian. There’s bound to be a style for every wardrobe out there, whether you’re envy eying the crochet version or contemplating over the striped option. But rest assured, the belly-baring cut is still alive and well. Universally acclaimed by countless shopaholics and fashionistas alike, crop tops remain warm weather staples, and are often paired with high-waisted shorts or trousers. For a refreshing twist, crop tops can even be layered over a dress to create a rich, textured look.


But then, there’s the lingering fear of “what ifs”. What if my body doesn’t look good in a crop top? What if I’m showing too much skin? What if I can’t find anything to style it with?Girls may treasure their trove of crop tops, but there is no denying the plague of fear when it comes to wearing these certain gems. Cardigans and sweaters offer comforting protection in comparison to the exposed nature of crop tops, but with enough confidence and crafting, anyone can conquer their underlying terror of tackling this trend.


The key to executing the crop top is to first realize that you are not alone in your style concerns. Every girl faces a wave of initial self-consciousness; after all, crop tops doshowcase a healthy amount of skin, and it is perfectly normal to feel hesitant about it first. Secondly, do not underestimate the power of confidence; if you feel marvelous rocking your crop top, show it! Others around you will notice how comfortable you are in your skin, and that in turn, will paint you truly fearless when it comes to dominating the trend scene. Lastly, channel your aesthetic nature and learn to experiment with your cropped tops. We have all endured the inevitable “what to wear” fiasco, and the cure is to simply play around with your closet! Whether you choose to compliment your plaid cropped sweater with a black neoprene skort or throw that pastel pink cropped tee over bell-bottom pants, the results are infinite.  


Challenge yourself to conquer the fashion fear factor of crop tops, and you’ll be surprised to see how sartorially strong you truly are. 


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