Afterpay Terms and Conditions

Afterpay - Buy Now and Pay Later


Afterpay - How Does it work?


It’s simple, all you need

  • - Live in Australia
  • - Be over 18 years old
  • - Have a valid email and mobile number
  • - Have a valid credit card or debit card


  • 1. Four easy payments
  • 2. No forms
  • 3. Interest-free
  • 4. Receive your products now before paying it off


How to make purchases with AFTERPAY?

  1. 1. No need to register
  2. 2. Select AFTERPAY as your payment method at the checkout
  3. 3. First time users will require to enter their valid email and working mobile phone number to verify identification.
  4. 4. To ensure a successful order, make sure there is the required amount for your first payment. 
  5. 5. You will receive an email from AFTERPAY to set up your password. To login into your account, please go to

Is there any hidden costs to use AFTERPAY?

Afterpay charges no extra fees for registration or any merchant fees for consumers. 
However if you fail to make payment at any time, you will be charged a $10 late payment fee by AFTERPAY
and a subsequent $7 late payment after seven days if still unpaid. Please see AFTERPAY terms for more information -

How to return my purchase with AFTERPAY?

Our standard returns policy still applies to AFTERPAY purchases. Please refer to our RETURNS section

"Unfortunately the amount of your order is too high. Please reduce your amount and try again"

If you've experienced this message during the AFTERPAY processing stage, then there are a few factors that may be applicable.

  1. 1. You may have exceeded the active order limit in your account
  2. 2. The first order through AFTERPAY is high for your accouunt. As AFTERPAY does not carry out security check, their decisioning process is reliant on the history crediability of your account.
  3. 3. It is always recommended to start off with small purchases using AFTERPAY before making a large purchase

How to contact AFTERPAY for further assistance?

Please call them on 1300 100 729